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About Us...

Inside Sports is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing amateur athletics, fitness and health in our community by providing indoor team sports for youth and adults. Our long-range goal is to expand our programs to improve the health and well-being of our rural community by encouraging increased participation in team and individual sports activities. The proposed expansion will support team sports (indoor soccer, Futsal, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, roller hockey) or individual activities like jogging, and walking. the programs will offer sports instruction, indoor practice, tournaments, fitness and sports educational resources, community service classes, health seminars, and special programs for unique needs groups. Our programs, through scholarships, grants, business sponsorships and community support, will be open to all residents regardless of income, and will promote and encourage active and healthy lifestyles for people of all ages and individual abilities.

Inside Sports was created as a nonprofit, community benefit organization in 2001.  Realizing the community’s great loss due to the Mad River Indoor Arena’s closure, Inside Sports launched the highly successful Futsal program at the Samoa Gym in December 2001. Now in our nineth year, we have over 500 participants in our Futsal program. With that number of players we were able to add another location to play. We now offer our program at the Scotia Recreation Center in Scotia.

New Direction For Inside Sports…


Inside Sports was very excited to begin a very successful Futsal program in 2008, at the Scotia Gym. We would like to thank each of our players, and program supporters that made the program such a great success!

However, due to the closure of the gym facility, we are looking for an alternative site in the Eel River Valley to continue our program and provide the convenience for our players.

We invite you to submit your suggestions for an alternative site so that we can continue offering players the opportunity to ‚€œExperience The Excitement‚€ of our Futsal program!  We are looking for a basketball court preferably with wood floors. Please let us know! Email us at info@insidesports.ws

In the meantime please join us in Samoa!

Currently, we are providing after-school programs and school physical education programs in the Eel River Valley and expanding north.


Inside Sports provides year round programs supporting youth sports education, amateur athletics, and at-risk youth diversion through sports. Our programs promote healthy and active living through physical fitness, and are available to all community members regardless of income, age, gender, ethnicity, ability, or special needs. This is the Mission of Inside Sports. The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of Inside Sports, continue to work in a focused direction to support our community through our Mission. Our dream is to expand the programs and opportunities Inside Sports can bring to our community. While striving and working toward this goal, we realized a greater opportunity to serve our local communities, support our mission, our school systems, and the mission's of other health organizations.

All activities and programs of Inside Sports are currently the responsibility of a volunteer Board of Directors, including local business owners, athletes, parents and other community members who are committed to working hard to achieve the goals of Inside Sports. They all contribute many hours of volunteer time to support our program expansion goal. The Board works with other community partners including the Samoa Pacific Group, which donates the use of the  Samoa Gym, and the Humboldt Area Foundation, which donates funds to support scholarships for low-income children and teens.

Further support has been provided by the generosity of the following:Sun Valley Floral Farms, Danco Builders, Samoa Pacific Group, St. Joseph Hospital, Thomas Home Center, Overhead Doors of Eureka-Arcata, Sport N Cycle, Katri-Dart Electric, Praxis Fitness, ICAN Intermedia,    Big 5 Sporting Goods, Nugames, Nick Parker, Ridley Scott, Kinko's, Eureka, Donald Hennigan, Dr. Jim Killfoil, Art & Old Things - Dorothy Lancaster, Brian Calvert O.D., Family Foot Care - Desiree Coyle, Chris Lawrence, Humboldt Brew.

 Join our dream!

The following lists our vision for   Inside Sports'. If you would like to comment and/or add to this list, or join us in pursuit of our goal, please contact us at info@insidesports.ws or call (707) 839-6554.

  • Individual and Team Sports Instruction and Practice                                                                               Provision of year round team and individual sports instruction and practice, clinics, and  coaching seminars, enabling local residents to successfully represent our community in local, regional and state tournaments.

  •  Health and Well-Being Forums                                                                                                A central and accessible location for community based health organizations to hold meetings, classes and community health forums.

  • Special Outreach Program                                                                                                        In addition to youth and adult scholarships, special outreach programs provided for youth at risk, preschool children, single parents, the disabled, elders, and ethnic/cultural groups.

  • Regional Teams                                                                                                                     Draw teams and competitors from other regions attracted to our cooler summers, small town   ambiance, progressive ideas, coastal history, clean environment and spectacular recreational opportunities. Hosting tournaments will provide economic benefit to the surrounding community and increase opportunities for local athletes to participate.


     Directions To Samoa Gym

     Directions To Scotia Recreation Center Gym

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  Inside Sports ∑ 1685 Sutter Rd.  Suite B ∑ McKinleyville ∑ Ph: 707-839-6554 ∑ Fax:707-839-4315
E-mail: Info@insidesports.ws