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1.     Inside Sports Goalie Wars 2020 is a 1v1 distribution game designed for both boys and girls in Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, High School and Adult divisions.

2.     U10, U12 and U14 will play on one size field (approximately 16 paces long and 16 paces wide) High School and Adult players will play on a field approximately 24 paces long and 16 paces wide. We will use standard sized Futsal goals.

3.     A goal sits at on each end-line. Each goalkeeper must stay in their own half of the field and they are not allowed to cross the mid-line which will be clearly marked with button cones. Goalkeepers defend their own goal while trying to score in the opposition’s goal by throwing, bowling, or kicking the ball into the goal (as in regular futsal games, no punting will be allowed)

4.     Rock Scissors Paper will determine which keeper gets the ball first.

5.     Each goalie has 6 seconds to get rid of the ball. They may take unlimited steps in their own half of the field. When a successful save is made, play continues immediately. Goalkeepers may play rebounds as long as the ball is in their own half of the field. A goal is scored only when the ball completely crosses the goal line. If the ball goes out of bounds on the side touch lines, play restarts by the goalie who has the rights to the ball and the play must start on their own end line. If the goalie makes a save the that goes out of bounds over the end line, play restarts by the goalie who made the save.

6.     Games consist of one (3) three-minute period.

7.     The winner is determined by the goalie who reaches 5 goals first or has the most goals after the game is complete. In the event of a tie, a two minute period of sudden death will be played with a one minute break between periods until one goalie scores.

8.     Winners will advance in the championship bracket, losers will play placed into a consolation bracket and all players will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 games.

9.     Decisions of the lead official and tournament organizers will be final.