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Directions to Gyms

We are playing games at 4 different locations during the Winter 2019/20 session.

Humboldt Bay Christian School - 70 Stephens Lane in Bayside.

Turn and drive up the small paved lane, take the fork to the right to the school.

Arcata Community Center - 321 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway in Arcata
Two games at a time at this location, next to HealthSport.

Blue Lake Elementary School - 631 Greenwood Avenue in Blue Lake

Corner of Greenwood Avenue and Blue Lake Blvd. The gym is in the left hand back corner of the property. You can park on the street or in the parking lot next to the school office or the parking lot nearer to the gym, please leave parking NEXT to the gym open for those with handicapped plates.

Arcata High School - 1720 M Street, Arcata

The gym is located on the far left back corner of the campus. You can park in the main parking lot, and walk to the gym, or you can park in front of the gym by taking the second entrance (near the dead end of M Street), but parking there is limited. Walk through the front doors, and try not to disturb any programs going on in the main gym to the doors at the back that lead into the smaller gym.