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Common Questions

Before I register, I have some questions:
(If there is a question not answered here, message us for an answer and if it's one we get a lot of, we'll add it to the list!)

What are the age levels?
Inside Sports offers programs for 3 year old children up through adult.
Our First Touch program is for 3 to 5 year olds with a parent or other special adult participating alongside them. It's geared for the very young or the very shy child, just starting to experience group activities.
Our KinderFutsal program is a class for children turning 4 in 2019. It focuses on basic skills, dribbling and kicking the ball through a series of fun games and drills. Children are not assigned to a team and there are no scrimmages.
Our Junior Futsal program is for children turning 5 years old in 2019. It is a step up from the KinderFutsal program, with age appropriate games and drills and no team or scrimmages.
Our Under 6 Half and Half program is for 4 and 5 year olds who are ready to take that first step in league play. The first half of the program (the first 20 minutes) is spent doing warm-up drills with instructors and volunteer coaches. the second half (the second 20 minutes) is a game with a referee and the clock running! We don't keep score, but the children are assigned to teams.

Our youth leagues are grouped in Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and High School divisions. There are no practices, players just come each week to play a game!

We also offer an adult women's drop-in league, open to high school aged girls and women. Each week, the players are divided into 2 teams and play each other. Sometimes there might be more than 2 teams worth of players wanting to participate. Our referee manages the multiple teams and periods of play, so that everyone gets an equal amount of playing time as possible. This league plays on Tuesday nights.

Adult coed is open to advanced high school players and adults 18 and up. It is a recreational league which plays on Wednesday nights. Every team must have at least 2 genders on the field at all times to maintain the coed status of the team and game.

How much does it cost?
First Touch Parent/Child program is $99
KinderFutsal and Junior Futsal are $89
U6 through high school leagues are $89
Women's drop in is $40
Adult Coed is $89

When are the games and practices?
There are no practices in Futsal, we just play once a week, starting the first weekend of December and going through mid-February, depending on the number of teams in a division.

Youth programs will take place on Sundays this session. Adult programs are on weeknights. We can't be more specific beforehand because our schedules depend on the number of players and teams created within each class and division and the hours we have available at the gyms we use. Building the schedule is a lot like tetris! However, we always try to keep specific age levels playing at the same location in the same block of time.

Where are the games?

Our mailing address is McKinleyville, but we play games where ever we can rent gym space. Some games might be in Eureka, some in Bayside, some in Arcata, and some in Blue Lake.

You registered and got a confirmation email. So now what?  
(If there is a question not answered here, message us for an answer and if it's one we get a lot of, we'll add it to the list!)

When will I be told what team I'm/my child is on and when my first game is?
Automated phone calls (robo-calls) will go out Thanksgiving Week detailing which team you or your child has been assigned and your first game times.  Additionally, emails will go out to all players who provided an email address.  
If you did not receive a phone call and/or email, contact Inside Sports Monday, December 2 after 3 pm.

When are my team practices?
There are no team practices in futsal.  

What do I wear?

* Inside Sports will provide a t-shirt in your team color.  
 It is a good idea to wear a t-shirt of the same color to your first game in case there was a problem with your t-shirt order - an unknown size, a late     registration, etc...
* All players MUST wear shin guards and socks to cover the shin guards.
* Players wear their own shorts or sweatpants.
* Players should wear non-marking athletic shoes.
   Please do NOT wear cleats, DC's, Heelies (shoes with wheels in them) or Converse.  We find these shoes leave marks on the gym floors.

What should I bring?
There are no bleachers at Humboldt Bay Christian School Gym, so spectators are encouraged to bring lawn or camp chairs.
No food or drinks other than water are allowed at any of the gyms also. Please respect the facility and leave sports drinks and snacks at home or in the car.

Where can I find the schedule?
* On the website - look for the Schedules link
* On our facebook page

What is the difference between First Touch, KinderFutsal and Junior Futsal and Under 6 Half and Half League?

All these programs are geared for preschoolers and kindergarden-aged players and are classes rather than league games, with age appropriate drills and games the children play under the supervision of an Inside Sports instructor and assistant instructor.
* First Touch is for 3 year olds to 5 year olds and requires parent participation. Perfect for the very young, the shy, or the first time participant.
* KinderFutsal is for children turning 4 years old in 2019. It is an instructional program, teaching children the skills they need for the league program.
* Junior Futsal is for children turning 5 years old in 2019. It is also an instructional program, teaching players the skills they will need for the league program
* Under 6 Half and Half program is for children turning 4 or 5 in 2019. It is for children who are ready to move a step up from the instruction program to a more competitive program. Players are sorted into teams, however, the first 20 minutes of the game is a warm-up, with skills and drills with an instructor, then the second 20 minutes is a game, with referees and the clock going. Volunteer parent coaches are needed for the Under 6 program.

What if I want to bump my child up or down a division, to play with their friends or established team?
Inside Sports is happy to make some accommodations. Please call us at 707-499-7120 so that we can discuss your situation and decide together the best placement of your player. Registering out of your age level requires either a mailed in paper registration or registration over the phone, as our administrator will need to override the registration system to place your child in a different age level.