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Common Questions

You registered and got a confirmation email. So now what?  You have lots of questions. Here are the answers!  
(If there is a question not answered here, message us for an answer and if it's one we get a lot of, we'll add it to the list!)

When do games start?
* Games start December 1. Youth games start the first weekend of December.

When will I be told what team I'm/my child is on and when my first game is?
Automated phone calls (robo-calls) will go out Thanksgiving Week detailing which team you or your child has been assigned and your first game times.  Additionally, emails will go out to all players who provided an email address.  
If you did not receive a phone call and/or email, contact Inside Sports Monday, November 27 after 3 pm.

When are my team practices?
There are no team practices in futsal.  

What do I wear?

* Inside Sports will provide a t-shirt in your team color.  
   It is a good idea to wear a t-shirt of the same color to your first game in case there was a problem with your t-shirt order - an unknown size, a late registration, etc...
* All players MUST wear shin guards and socks to cover the shin guards.
* Players wear their own shorts or sweatpants.
* Players should wear non-marking athletic shoes.
   Please do NOT wear cleats, DC's, Heelies (shoes with wheels in them) or Converse.  We find these shoes leave marks on the gym floors.

What should I bring?
There are no bleachers at the Bethel Church Gym or at Humboldt Bay Christian School Gym, so spectators are encouraged to bring lawn or camp chairs.
No food or drinks other than water are allowed at either of teh gyms also. Please respect the facility and leave sports drinks and snacks at home or in the car.

Where can I find the schedule?
* On the website - look for the Schedules link
* On our facebook page